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The Spin Cycle

Melinda Brown Duncan Can Fix Detroit

The Spin Cycle

A Google Glass Beatdown

The Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle: Snake-Handling Preacher Killed By Snakebite

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: Bigfoot Lives in a Man's Backyard

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: Mr. Balls, the Testicular Mascot

The Spin Cycle

Sit and Spin: Drunk College Girls

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: A Drug Smuggling Cat

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: MC Dollywood

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: Sarah Palin Says Obama is Taking Us Down

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: Obama Catches a Fainting Woman

The Spin Cycle

Fake Headlines: Dragons In Norway

The Spin Cycle

Sit and Spin With Christiann Castellanos and Simone Shepard

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: A Man Marries a Car

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: A Racy British Airways Video

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: The GOP Rule Change

The Spin Cycle

Celebrity Perspective: Senator Palpatine

The Spin Cycle

Sit and Spin with Christianne Castellanos and Judy Tenuta

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: Megyn Kelly Disses Ted Cruz

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: Pat Robertson Is An Idiot

The Spin Cycle

The Daily Spin: Anna Koimann needs to Fact Check

Samson Goes 3-D Printing


Hodari Talks Race Relations and The Zimmerman Trial Verdict


Samson Takes A Hip Hop Tour

Samson and the man Hodari go on a Hip Hop tour through Compton.

The Great Underwear Run of 2013


Mos Def Force Fed

Head transplants on the way, Rapper Mos Def force feeds in protest, and Samson gets...

Samson Prepares For The Underwear Run

Because the Spin Cyclers made it happen, Samson went shopping for skimpy underwear...

Bert and Ernie On The New Yorker

The C word verses the N word, Bert and Ernie finally come out of the closet, and...

Obama Speaks On Climate Control

Obama Talks Global Warming, A man on Shrooms cuts off his shroom, and A mexican amusement...

Paula Deen Fired

Paula Deen Fired, Iron Man robs a bank, and Joe Biden gets all preachy.

Daily Spin Mayor Filner Cheats Again


Sit and Spin

Samson sits down with his experts Tiffany Haddish and Christianne Castellanos to...

Obama Is Transparent

Obama claims he's transparent, still digging for Hoffa, and the Obama phone sold...

The Unclothed Subway Attacker

An unclothed subway Attacker, GOP talking' that assault talk again, and LGBT protestors...

Who Is Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowden blows the whistle, Rand Paul leaves the phone at home, and a woman...

The IRS Made A Star Trek Video

B*ngs Banned in Florida, The latest in Protein Drinks, and The IRS makes a Star Trek...

Wolf Surprises Anderson Cooper for his birthday

@samsoncrouppenThe hot dog masseuse arrested againOn Friday, May 24, the Long Island...

Sqeezing The Fun Bags For Cancer

Sqeezing for Cancer, Bachmann Retires, and Adam Levine Hates America.

Papa John's Driver Fired Over Racist Butt Dial

Papa John's Driver makes a Racist Butt Dial, Texas Ok's WEapons at Colleges, and...

Boy Scouts Lift Ban

Pat Robertson Says it's ok to cheat on your wife, A couple stabs each other over...

A Sick Charles Ramsey Video Game

A sick Charles Ramsey Video Game, unclothed day on Facebook, and a Jodi Arias Movie...